Lulu Sexbomb

First Impressions

When you hear the name Lulu Sex Bomb there are certain images conjured in your mind. You don`t think of a slim and sexy girl as a sex bomb; instead you imagine an incredibly busty and beautiful babe, perhaps the kind of girl you see in centerfold magazines. Well, Lulu is definitely one of those girls and her tour is littered with pictures of those amazing fake tits and I`m already excited to see more of her beautiful body. The lovely Thai slut loves doing topless content and she seems to have a huge closet full of bikinis and sexy lingerie.

Hot Promises

Lulu is from Bangkok, Thailand and she has a deep appreciation for the things that men desire. She knows you like a slim girl with big tits and she`s more than happy to provide that for you. Visit the tour and you`ll see tons of preview pictures splashed over the page as well as small pictures from her most recent updates. Check them to make sure she`s still adding new content and to get some idea of what her sets contain. You`ll find lots of nudity, sexy bikinis and bra and panty sets. Let`s go inside and see what other surprises this sexy babe has in store.


The member`s area kicks off with the most recent picture and video updates staring you in the face. Just below that you`ll find her journal, which is a little silly. I say that because each entry is one or two sentences long and the type is so small you have to have your head a foot away from the computer screen to read it without straining. She couldn`t have put in a little more effort? Perhaps four or five sentences for her fans? The main page also offers wallpapers, a few Lulu themed Flash games and links to your three bonus sites.

I enjoyed reading Lulu`s biography, especially the part where she talks about how she loves stuffing four or five fingers in her pussy and that she gets off at the thought of a guy stroking his cock to her image. She claims to masturbate to orgasm in each of her videos and while it`s difficult to know if she`s genuinely cumming or if she`s just faking it I don`t really care. I`ve seen the videos and at the very least she`s convincing and that`s all I need to have a good time. Let`s roll on through the content and see what kind of pleasures Lulu has in store for us.

There are 66 picture galleries to browse through and in each and every one Lulu busts out her big tits and in most she shows us her pussy as well. She lives in Thailand and as such many of her galleries feature the lush jungles or the lovely beaches of her homeland. I don`t know about you but I`ve always found that the lushness of a jungle of the beauty of the ocean enhances a picture gallery, especially when the girl posing in it is a beautiful Asian hottie like Lulu. Also fitting is the preponderance of bikinis you`ll see in her sets.

Lulu Sex Bomb absolutely loves her bikinis and she should because her body is perfect for them. Her tits are fake and enormous and they sit high on her chest and display zero signs of sag. I`ve always been a fan of that look and since you don`t have to grope them and notice their hardness you should be a fan of as well. Tits like that look perfect in bikinis and Lulu proves that fact over and over again as she poses in some of the finest two piece swimsuits I`ve ever seen. She doesn`t keep them on for long, usually stripping down to nothing so we can see her tits in the nude and watch as she plays with her nipples. I love nipple play.

In the beginning Lulu Sex Bomb shot bikini galleries almost exclusively but shortly after launch she began incorporating sexy lingerie sets as well. One of the most interesting is a black rubber dress with holes cut out for her tits to come through. She pairs it with black fishnet stockings and latex boots and she looks good enough to get your dick rock hard. In some cases she poses in a skimpy outfit to model her lovely tits. I particularly like the tube tops she brings out since they offer very little coverage and it`s easy for her to pull them down and show off those giant Thai titties. Still, nothing beats looking at her fully naked, especially when she plays with her pussy.

There are 33 videos and they`ll look familiar if you`ve seen the picture sets because for about half her photo sets she shoots a video as well. Unlike some girls she`s actually performing for the camera, shaking her booty and stripping and fingering herself to orgasm. She`s either actually cumming or she`s a really great faker because I was totally convinced by her performance. My favorite video features Lulu Sex Bomb in the shower rubbing soap all over her huge tits. Other excellent clips include her using a plastic dildo in her pussy, getting naked in the ocean and riding the Sybian pleasure machine. The only irritation is that the videos are 480x360, not 720x480 like she promised.

The only other content section is labeled extras and it`s basically a behind the scenes look at Lulu`s shoots and her daily life. We see her going out to lunch, get a look behind the various photo and video shoots and hop on a plane with the Thai beauty. If you want to get to know her a little better the extras section is the best way to do so. Your membership also comes with bonus access to three Thai themed sites. Each focuses on a solo babe and each babe offers something different. One is a tiny little teen babe, one is a slim and sexy slut with perfect tits and the other loves working the naughty schoolgirl look. It`s a great network for those of you into Thai sluts.

Croco`s Opinion

Lulu Sex Bomb lives up to her name in the pictures and videos within her member`s area. She has a huge pair of tits and she loves showing them off for you, posing in slutty bikinis and hot lingerie and skimpy outfits. She gets fully naked in each set and she often ends up masturbating for you, bringing her pussy to orgasm while the camera watches intently. Updates come 3-5 times a month and members also get access to three bonus sites starring sexy Thai babes. Add it all up and you`ve got a great value.


Browsing the site is easy thanks to well laid out galleries and video pages.

Pricing Policy

Each month`s membership is $29.95.